Where Two Rivers Meet

Where Two Rivers Meet

A creative documentary about Collections in Verse, a poetry project that took place in libraries across Sheffield just before the pandemic. Cleverly weaving the story of the project together with the story a city responding to crisis, the film explores mutual aid, things that connect us across time and place and posits the idea of the library as a commons. 

Where Two Rivers Meet features new poetry by Joe Kriss, Rachel Bower and Kayo Chingonyi, inspired by the Anglo Saxon Kingdoms exhibition at the British Library and the communities of Sheffield. The film is narrated by Johny Pitts [Afropean], features broadcaster Silé Sibanda and community eating hub, Open Kitchen Social Club.

Production Credits
Cinematography - Dan Loops
Composer - Lee Affen
Vocalist - Rosie Hood
Co-Producer - Ruby Baker
Sound Design & Online Edit - Francis Morgan-Giles
Written, Prodcued, Directed & Edited by Eelyn Lee

Running Time: 25-mins
Completion 2021

Watch a teaser and the full film below

Poet in the City in partnership with Sheffield Libraries and the British Library


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