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A Successful Shoot in Sheffield

Akash_with_book_small saudat_portrait

The weather was kind to us this weekend for a jam-packed 2-day shoot in Sheffield. We were filming the principal photography for a promo we are making for FURD [Football Unites Racism Divides]. Everyone working on the project is giving their time voluntarily as part of The Media Trust's Untold Stories initiative.

A big thanks to our cinematographer Winstan Whitter who filmed some stunning shots in the dramatic Sheffield light. He was assisted by London-based Michael Gillooly. Sheffield filmmakers Richard Heap and Eve Wood kindly offered their services as well as friends from the north and the south.

FURD co-ordinated major aspects of the production such as the cast, mainly young people who work closely with the charity. So thanks to everyone for getting up so early, especially our driver Adnan :) 

Produced and directed by Eelyn Lee the film will be broadcast on the Community Channel later this year.


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