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'Multiplicities in Flux' in Manchester

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Britishness (2019) will be featured in a new exhibition at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art [CFCCA] in Manchester [15th Oct 2020 - 31st Jan 2021].

Multiplicities in Flux  brings together works by Grace Lau and Eelyn Lee in a dialogue around identity, belonging, nationality and community in Britain. The curator of the exhibition, Marianna Tsionki writes,

" Lee’s film Britishness (2019) complicates the often indefinable notion of ‘Britishness’. Comprising spoken word poetry, interviews, and group discussions, the work follows young writers from Sheffield as they affirm, reject, and revise their visions of national identity and grapple with the consequences of Britain’s colonial history and their own personal experiences. The film posits ‘Britishness’ as a concept that is constantly in flux, moulded by ever-changing social, economic, political and historical narratives and carrying different significance for each individual. Through this lens, Lee invites viewers to question and re-evaluate their own definition of what it means to be British. "

There will be an online screening of Britishness as part of the accompanying Public Programme [date tbc].

CFCCA Revisioning
Eelyn Lee has recently been selected to be part of an Artist Working Group comprising seven artists of Chinese heritage, who will partner with CFCCA to co-design their Revisioning process. Eelyn would like to acknowledge and thank artist JJ Chan for articulating their concerns about the under representation  of Asian people/PoC within the staff team at CFCCA and for triggering this journey of structural change.  


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