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A Successful Shoot in Sheffield

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The weather was kind to us this weekend for a jam-packed 2-day shoot in Sheffield. We were filming the principal photography for a promo we are making for FURD [Football Unites Racism Divides]. Everyone working on the project is giving their time voluntarily as part of The Media Trust's Untold Stories initiative.

A big thanks to our cinematographer Winstan Whitter who filmed some stunning shots in the dramatic Sheffield light. He was assisted by London-based Michael Gillooly. Sheffield filmmakers Richard Heap and Eve Wood kindly offered their services as well as friends from the north and the south.

FURD co-ordinated major aspects of the production such as the cast, mainly young people who work closely with the charity. So thanks to everyone for getting up so early, especially our driver Adnan :) 

Produced and directed by Eelyn Lee the film will be broadcast on the Community Channel later this year.

Eelyn Lee to Direct Charity Promo in Sheffield

As part of the Media Trust's Untold Stories initiative Eelyn will be donating her time voluntarily to make a short promo for a charity in Sheffield called FURD [Football Unites Racism Divides]. The scheme matches 25 charities from around UK with 25 top filmmakers. Eelyn is happy to be involved in the project,

'I want to make a high production, high impact film for this Sheffield charity to raise awareness of the great work they've been doing for over 16 years now. FURD will be moving in to a new facility this summer so it's great timing for them to be promoting themselves. It's also a great opportunity for Eelyn Lee Productions to extend our networks in the North' 

The film was announced locally on BBC Radio Sheffield this morning. Stay tuned as the project unfurls......

Lotus Shortlisted for Online Film Competition

Good news!

Our short film Lotus that premiered at this year's Cannes film festival was shortlisted in the G-Technology film competition. The film screened last week in galleries in London, Paris and Berlin. See the shortlist here

A Film Poem Inspired by the Lotus


Eelyn Lee has recently written and directed a film poem which uses the lotus as a metaphor for a coming of age story. Shot by by our Associate Cinematographer Winstan Whitter on the Walthamstow marshes, Lotus is an evocative short film that we will enter in to film festivals.

The film features two of our past participants, Mark Richman who is a former member of Constant Pictures plays the lead role and Keon Williams who was a major contributor in Arts Beyond the Classroom plays a supporting role. The film has been edited by Francis Morgan-Giles who also composed the sound track.

Latest film set for a Southbank Premiere


We have recently completed a compelling and atmospheric short film featuring deaf young people from Greenwich, South London. Life & Deaf which takes poetry written by deaf children and young people from around UK to form a powerful narrative, will be premiered at the Purcell Room at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank on 29th March this year.

Adapted for screen and directed by Eelyn Lee, the film was shot over 3 days on locations in Greenwich by cinematographer Domink Rippl on a RED camera. Jane Thomas from the Life and Deaf Association says of the film,

'...the 7 minute short film is stunning. Eelyn Lee Productions added animation and a perfect soundscape to the outstanding visuals. We are very excited to launch the film in 2012...'

Feature Script in Development


Eelyn Lee is currently writing a feature length screenplay, Ice which she intends to direct. The script recently attracted some interest at this year's Cannes Film Festival and we are continuing to explore the possibilities of future collaborations with producers and other production companies.

Based on an original idea, Ice is a black comedy thriller set in a heat wave in 90’s London....

On the run from a violent gang, Jemel has little value for human life but when he is forced to seek refuge with an old man self-taught in cryonics he finds himself learning the art and science of freezing bodies in liquid nitrogen before taking on the mission of bringing a loved one back to life.


IMAGE Casting Fu Manchu Now Showing at CAN Festival 2021

Monday, 15 February 2021
Casting Fu Manchu is currently showing as part of the CAN Festival 2021 [15th Feb - 30th Apr 2021]. Following the premiere screening these were some of the comments about the film, "... a brilliant and... Read More...

IMAGE Premiere of Where Two Rivers Meet

Thursday, 04 February 2021
Eelyn Lee's latest film, Where Two Rivers Meet will premiere on Feb 25th at 8pm GMT as part of the online event, Digesting History. The film is a creative documentary about Collections in Verse, a poetry project that took place in libraries across Sheffield just before the pandemic. Cleverly weaving the story of the project together with the story... Read More...

IMAGE Resilience and Radical Care - An Online Talk

Tuesday, 01 December 2020
CAMP have invited Eelyn Lee to present an online talk on Thurs 10th Dec 6.30 - 8.00pm GMT as part of their guest artist's programme. Eelyn will talk about Resilience and Radical Care in relation to her experiences of co-founding Social Art Network and her subsequent involvement in other artist’s networks. She will touch upon network building as... Read More...